Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Podcast

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. I have been in bed sleeping. Well not the whole time but it feels like it. Sleeping in and of itself is not a bad thing but when it has sickness attached to it, it is nasty. Before I fell sick, I had the chance to go to a few concerts and sing in one. I went to see the Greenes and they were fantastic. It had been ages since I saw them last. I remember them from the days of Kim Hopper and When I Knelt the Blood Fell. They still have a good group and definitely worth going out to see. They recently wrecked thier bus and insurance is not going to pay the full amount to have it fixed. If you feel led to give to thier bus please do so.

The second group that I heard was The Browders. They are from out on the VA / TN border. I was not familiar with them so went not knowing what to expect. They supposedly had some top songs but apparently they slipped by me where we just got a good southern gospel radio station in the last year. I was really impressed at thier ministry and another group that is definitely worth going to see. They have a good solid country / southern gospel sound.

The highlight of 3 concerts was the Winter Angel Hearts Bennifit with Mark Trammell Trio, Jerry Trammell, The Joys, and Garden of Grace. Before the concert we had a great time just hanging out eating and catching up. Dustin Sweatman and I are both old quartet junkies so we had a good time with that. Eric of course has big shoes to fill, which i think he is doing very well at. He is Ernie Phillips son formally of the Kingsmen. His dad is in need of a lot of prayer right now. The doctors found a growth in his abdomen which they removed. I believe he has a long road to recovery ahead of him but looks like with God he is going to pull through.

Mark and Jerry are characthers in and of themselves. Mark was on his streak of normal dry humor and the banter between he and his brother were priceless. It is amazing to see what God has done in Jerry's life over the last few year. God has saved him from Alcholism and a host of other things. He is also in need of prayer as he battles Parkinsons Disease. Even though he does have Parkinsons the boy can still hit some high notes. Just imagine Mark as a tenor and you got him.

Lastly, go on over to our site and you can hear our latest podcast. We caught up with the guys from Mark Trammell Trio and had the chance to chat with them for a few min. You can also listen to our past podcast with Tribute Quartet.

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